Thursday, January 10, 2013

Windy Beach

Photography Edwin Erwanda - My Cousin
Outfit cute sweater / mocca pants  /  vintage-styled bag  /  electric blue veil / Adorable on flat shoes

Do you know? the beach was always hot, and I never liked the beach because of it.. but I do know, is currently the rainy season, so I just have fun when I'm invited to the beach.I do feel cold since morning, and I decided to wear suits that sweater.I never thought the beach was bad, because I was not too happy when invited to the beach. but since that day I loved that !
Well, it turns out what we think is bad is not always bad, though the views are bad.
and I love you from now on, and that's without forced


  1. itu foto yang ngadep laut kece abis dah :|

  2. love your sweater dear :)

  3. itu kucingnya kasihan di iket hiks,hiks :')

    tapi overall pemandangan indah nih :D

    salam kenal ya, sikonyols