Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nice Afternoon Journal

Photography by Frendly-Fadly
Outfit Lace sweater / Grey pants  / Grey vintage-styled bag by The Bag  /  Tye Dye veil /  Asu Jewelry necklace, Ring and bracelets - Vintage jewelry/ Vintage Glasses from My Dad /Elizabeth Wedges

A lovely afternoon, yaa nice new afternoon with him, feel so comfort with what i wore and what i bring. 
atmosphere at the garden of the Gladiol in that afternoon so cozy, cold, and wet. i love that.
the conversation continued very comfortable,
between me and him, yaa between me and my self. 
when a really great sunset come, i closed my eyes,
and think of something that I never thought,
and pray for................. 
hhhh, never mind, forget about that !
i brought a journal, that's a gift from GoGirl! magazine, and I gained two journals, but I gave it to Husni,
because he bought me a souvenir when he went to Jogja.
and I've heard lately, the journal was kept by his mom, I'm happy for it.
 I prefer the Instagram Version one, and and I gave the tribal versions to Husni, because I know he likes it.
 and that's a agift from Husni, a nice glasses, and colorfull butterfly brooch 
let's write your expectations in the new year, and make a cup of coffee.

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