Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bubbles Disappear

 Photography Husni Yudatama
Outfit Denim outer / striped black and white shirt  /  vintage-styled bag  /  Tye Die veil / Adorable on flat shoes/ Asu Jewelry / old glasses from my dad. / mocca pants
equally round, fun, between the balloon and the soap bubbles. both form and make merry. but equally perishable. although one of them may last longer. but the bubble will burst on its own even though guarded.
everything seemed shattered, lost, flying, I do not know where.
broke, really missing or just hiding?
I'm not afraid to lose, because I'm gonna blow a bubble replacement, never give up because I know nothing lasts forever. but I try, I like to look stupid by the circumstances, I knew the bubble was going to burst, but I kept blowing.
I was stupid or what? I knew for sure was disappointed, but I'm still playing.


  1. foto fotonya bagus ;), kacamatanya beli dimana sih *loh :3

    1. Makasih, ini kacamata punya Daddy, kacamata tua asli. hehe

  2. mau dong gelembungnya..... hei gelembung bambu...
    upsss salah, keren nih fotonya Kontrasnya dong mungkin lebih bisa di perbaiki :)
    he he Nice post

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