Sunday, February 3, 2013

Liebster Award

At first I was not familiar with the award of this one, but once I saw a blog the other friends, I understand now.
and I'm glad it turned out there who recommended me, even though I was poor once the world's blog,
I'm now busy with my wordpress , and rarely take care of my fashion blog, but lots of photos should I post.
Okay, I'm happy now, I'm finally getting this award, and I will post about this at the beginning of the month of my February.
"Liebster Award" is designed to help promote blog with less than 200 followers.

If you receive it, you must :
-  Tell 11 things about your self
- Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger asked you
- Nominate 11 blogger with 200 followers or less and make sure that you notify them.
-  Make 11 new questions for the bloggers you nominated
This is my first blog award, and i got it from Yuriza Astari Rizkyta. Thanks girl for nominated me :)

And This is 11 Facts about me !
1. I was a romp in the world of entertainment, I was a radio announcer, HOST, and speaker in various events
2. I'm Hijaber, i always using veil wherever i go. Wearing Glasses. Height 165 cm and weight 45 kg. Fashionable.

3. I love Paris
4. I love vintage fashion, i love things about Vintage.
5. I Don't like sugar, but I love chocolate.

6. Coffee Addicted, though I was banned doctors for not drinking too much coffee again
7. likes to photograph and be photographed ;)
8. Part of so much Community, #dropyourbook, Android Banjarmasin, South Borneo Announcer Community,  ect.
9. Kolerist and Sanguinist, but sometimes i can melancolist.
10. Have Been traumatized by the betrayal of a friend, dont believe in "best friends". and these psychologists say.
11. successful women candidates ;)

#11 Questions from Yuriza

1. How's your feeling in the first month of 2013?
- I dont know what I thought in the month, but I have to be thankful to God instead of continuing to complain.if it's good for you, keep it, if not, leave!
  2. What's your plan in 2013?
- So many plan in 2013, the details I want to be more successful than in 2012 
3. Why you create a blog? 
-Because i love to write, i'd rather tell my stories in writing. although i'm an announcer. hehe
4. Who's your favorite blogger?
5. What thing you really love?
- So much thing, maybe, My Cat
6. Do you adore something?
- I am devotee of perfection, though I'm not perfect 
7. What's your favorite color?
- Chocolate & Cream
8. Who's your only friend when you are alone?
- my self and my imagination
9. One word that describe your self.
- Fabulous
10. What kind of style of yours?
- Vintage style
11. What is your dream? 
 - So much dream, Presenter in a TV, Artist, Succes woman, and ect.

 #Blogs I nominated :
 1. Colourful Day of Sausan
2. Dunia Maya  
3. In a Messy Fairy Tale
  4. In The Middle of Joy   
5. Pink Teary Dream 
6. Pretty Pearl 
7. Spoon Afternoon
8. A red crown girl 
9. ...
10. ...
11. ... 

 #11 Questions for Bloggers

1. Do you have a traumatic ? What is it ?
2. What is the reason you have a blog? confident you are with other people?
4. What do you think about announcer?   
5. What do you think after seeing my photos? 
6. What do you most want in this world?
7. what is your ambition?
8. what your favorite food?
9. Do you love to listening the music ? 
10. What do you think about me?
11. what do you think about people who are always selfish?      

Thanks All :* 

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