Friday, November 9, 2012

Photo shoot "sweet lollipop"

Long time no blog writting in m blog dear, i miss u much :*
so many canging in my blog, and i love it.

and now ia want to story telling about photo shoot, maybe, about a month a go, kekeke
sorry, i'm late to expose this :(
but, i like so many photo in here, and we are take Sabilal Muhtadin park for the place.
and i wear full colour clothes
and the models are me, my friend Ghina, and Ka Lia.
and they are cute photo, check this out !
no editting by Bang Ary

no editting by Bang Ary

no editting by Bang Ary

 editting by Husni

Me and Ka Lia

editting by Husni

Husni (photografer), me (model), Ghina (model), Ka Lia (model), Ka Insan (photografer), Ka Ary (photografer), Ka Baim (Photografer)

 behind the scene :p

behind the scene Ghina and Ka Baim

Behind the scene :p

it's been a long time since I wanted a photo with full color fashion lollipop like this, I think it was when I was sick, but only recently realized a month a go. 

I hope my life like a lollipop, sweet and colorful

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