Thursday, August 9, 2012

sick days

Long time no blogwalking , i miss so badly with my Blog :* 
:hai:I was sick since a few days ago, but now I'm very lucky to have healthy again.
but I never get tired like that, but I do not know the day I was feeling tired, and my head felt dizzy and my stomach is be nauseated , that day, I took some novel to Ka Ninuk's house (aku akan posting khusus untuk ini. hehe) and i thought its just an ordinary pain, maybe i'm ussually over sleep. hihi.
:mandikeringat:this was not an ordinary sick, i felt so tired, and the afternoon in that day, and with my boleved father, i had gone to the doctor. and U KNOW ?
and there's doctor checked my eyes, my blood preassure, an my hemoglobin in blood.
and the doctor said: "you're less sugar, less rest, and less hemoglobin in your blood"
i'm a little speechless with the words "less hemoglobin in your blood"
and the doctor gave me three kinds of drugs, and i thought its so many :haru: 
and the doctor also gave me a letter that I was off sick for two days of activities
its all so bad, my saliva bitter, and my body ached, I finished it was time to break it to read novels, watch tv, and sleep, and I did not fast for one day because i felt very weak. but amid it all I was thrilled, because someone gave me a surprise ( nanti aku juga bakal posting khusus juga :p )

the drugs has run out :kenyang:
and after a few days of rest, I'm healthy now,and I'm very thankful to God, already provide health again. ILLNESS IS NOT VERY GOOD


  1. Replies
    1. dan sekarang penyakit nya come back :(

    2. Aihh cupcup..
      Aku less hemoglobin juga :')
      Paling sering naik ke migrain..

      But InsyaAllah you're going to be well sonn ^^

    3. maag menusuk ka, suka banget ngopi soal ny :(

  2. semangaattt :D selalu ada syukur yg terselip di setiap sakit :D
    pasti ada hikmahnya