Saturday, August 18, 2012


i found this words from my friend's tumblr, and i just love it, and trying too write in My blog.

Disturbed by someone. Never bothered her, but she was disturbing my life. Never try to find out about her life, but she did.
Who are you? Who have told about someone personal life with others. And what do you want from all you’ve done?
Deliberately or not?
Maybe no matter for you, but not for me. It’s my life. Then why did you take care of something that is about someone’s life? I think it’s not important to you.

I never want to disturb the others life. I never want to disturb your life. Then why are you so concerned with my life? Why should people who shouldn’t know, become know about that. Ya, from you.
But really sorry if I bother you. Please don’t tell others about someone life *bad or good*
Take care of your own business!
Sometimes we have a secret that doesn’t want to be told to others. One thing that we can’t show or share with the others. One thing that makes us fear, fear if we are leave by people we love *friends and others* and be alone. Something that no one ever wants.
Scarred by a reality that never wanted to happen. But this is already happen. Destiny, ya it’s destiny.
But hey, is it my fault? Or they? Or who?
I often ask all about it. Sometimes I judge myself, even God.
Why God?

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