Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Grilled Corn and Grilled Sausage ^^

Last night, i had an idea hanging out with my friends to do something unique, and walaaa~ I got it.
but i thought the berbecue sauce is so hard to found in Banjarmasin, I found it in Lotte Mart, but its so big for some corn and sausage.
and I started taking yuyun and others, and they agree, yeaaay. I prepare everything from the morning, and of course helped by Sony and others, My Mom too. :*
We bought some corn, sausage, margarine, and spice falvors cheese, spicy sweet, and grilled corn. 
They came around at 8 p.m, and the party started. hahaha
Sony and Husni light the fire, and the girls prepare for corn and sausage with margarine.
when the boys grilled the food, we are the girls, take some photo, and this is it :*

The Activities on My Porch

Sony, Me, and Dewi. Between the green :p

and We are take some photo in my house.
Me, Yuyun, Chiyaa, Ima 

Thanks Guys, I hope, be more moments like this. love u all :*

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