Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stand Away

Photography by Frendly-Fadly
Outfit Sweater  / Black jeans "LOGO"  /  Red styled bag  /  Brown veil/ Vintage Glasses from My Dad / unbranded flats

waiting, but after that you ignored?
what would you do? angry ? furious angry ?
but, if it can not? how? 
silent, and silent? silence and bury? let it all dissolve in silence? and go away without a resolution, and also struggle.
it's very frustrating. when you can not be angry, and too stupid to be angry, but you look very stupid and helpless when choosing silence.
all that confusing, and what can I do?
I could only cry and no other options for pursuing what I thought. because it's the best, and with weeping, no one knows, why are you crying? it is the best way to showed no emotion, not as whiny and wanted attention, but because I was too sick.

I picked away the tears of the too sick, and choose to sleep and forget about everything. I do not know, until when I started to remember or think of it again. I know, it's very frustrating.

- - -  


  1. Hello my dear.. Wow ternyata kita sama-sama orang Banjarmasin. Sekarang aku lagi liburan diBanjar ini. We can meet up ?



  2. Ilove that pattern on ur top

    Cherr up!


  3. cool color tone, did you edit it yourself?

  4. i love your style :) i just followed you :) Nice blog ..

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  5. Suka dengan fotonya.. saya pribadi penikmat foto meski gak expert tentang fotografi (emang yang nanya siapa? :p).. but whatever.. intinya saya menikmati foto-foto di blog ini.. Great Ifa :)

  6. foto kamu keren2, jalan2 ke blog aku ya,kalau berkenan boleh deh di fllowback skalian, aku sdh fllow blog kamu loh...:)
    salam kenal...


  7. foto-fotonya kereeeen :)
    kakak minta followbacknya boleh? hehe terimakasih :)

  8. Just doing someting else that make you forget abou waiting..