Sunday, December 9, 2012

i found my style, coming rain

rain, rain and rain
yes, Banjarmasin has entered the rainy season, everything was wet and cold.
I love the rain, I love the wet, but I do not like it when he abused my activity.especially when what I use to be broken and not so neatly. although sometimes I do not hear the roar when I sell my voice in this room.
I just laugh to cheer, not knowing what was going on out there,
and I was just shocked when I came out, I do not know, I should be happy or not?

Photography by Frendly-Fadly
Outfit Vintage blazer / mocca pants  / Unbranded vintage-styled bag  /  cream veil / stroberi headband/ 61 bracelet / Asu Jewelry necklace/ unbranded shoes
i choose the outfit,
I picked at my pile of old clothes,
and apparently, not bad, I found my style.


  1. not only banjarmasin... but from sabang and marauke lagi dilanda hujan karena memang lagi musim hujan hehehhe. like your vintage photo

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  2. Di Aceh juga hujan terus :D
    And I also enjoy the rain.
    Loving your necklace by the way ^^

    1. iya ka, emang seluruh Indonesia lagi musim ujan yak. hehe
      thanks ka :*