Monday, November 12, 2012

Maudy Ayunda vs Maudy Ayunan

i don't know its true or false, but so much friends had said that.
"Kamu mirip Maudy Ayunda !"
first, i'm speechless, and the first person who said that is MOM of HIM.
I know Maudy Ayunda, she is so beautiful, charming, and clever i thought.
i never thought, if i had a twin with Maudy Ayunda. kekeke :p
so many have told me I look like her, for example, HIM (no name), Ka Anet, Ka Dayah, Ima, and others.
i want to prove it, and i searching about photo of Maudy Ayunda, and i thought. oooooooo

 that is from Ka Dayah.. she told me, we have the same nose and smile.

What do u think ? true or false ? :p


  1. haha you're so funny. anyway thanks for your comment in my post :D
    I will follow you back.
    Salam kenal Maudy Ayunan (?) ehh :p


  2. nice ! wants to follow each other dear? :)

  3. Seriously dear I just realized how similar you are with her after looking at those photos :O well I love your looks. I always adore any girl who's pretty wearing hijab. xoxo. minding to follow each other? :)

  4. Gak mirip juga deh kayaknya FA, :P
    kamu ya kamu, maudy ya maudy, gak ada yang disamain, toh cuman secara fisikly doank, dan itupun lewat foto, kalo disandingin secara langsung kan belom pernah :P

    jangan lupa mampir ya , :)

  5. thats the first thought when i saw your pic! hoho u look a bit like Maudy XD
    anyway i like your style :) its simple
    keep blogging k?
    maybe i'll stalk you <- i'm sorry it this sounds creepy?

  6. I don't think so that you're like her... I think this picture is more beautiful than Maudy... the real truth is "Maudy is trying to be like you"...