Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nanang Galuh IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin 2012

Amazing night :)
after a long preparation, the night finally came. I was runner up in miss and mr faculty of Sharia. and I became the representative of two to be sent to Nanang Galuh IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin (Thanks God). very much should I prepare. and I teamed up with kak Husin. and he is Nanang Intan Martapura 2012. I feel inferior, but I think I'll be fine. and the competition was held on 13 May. and we've prepared two weeks before the event. we are looking for traditional clothes Nanang Galuh Banjar. and i found it at Salon Thambrin. so beautiful clothes. complete with accessories. and I ordered my flower arrangements for the pat on the head and flower arrangements for the necklace of the jury. indeed a very busy week. and the train we were dancing, is ka Nida. (Big thanks fo Because her, she was also the makeup I was prior to the event, and i like it, amazing make-up: *) and we continue to practice traditional dance with ka Husin. Lalan Tirik dance. Dancing amazing. i love it.
and finally, tadaaa ... 13 May 2011. everything was prepared. and before the show started, we and all the crew briefing beforehand. and my flower (Bogam Galuh) in pairs to the right. and when Ka Khairil (Nanang Kalsel 2011 and he is my friend: *) to come. he is so speechless and say " Ya ampun sayang kenapa bunga nya km taruh disebelah kanan, itu seharusnya sebelah kiri"
I was very confused and very fast Khairil Ka justify my interest and was very sick because my head needle. but, i think its okay. Ka Khairil, thank you for your attention: *. and during the event I was very nervous. and the time came for me and Ka Husin. dance runs smoothly. and while Ka Husin playing a musical instrument typical Banjar, and there is a little mistake there. and when I sing and it's a big mistake. not fit with the tune. It is very embarrassing. while others are very good. and I did not expect, me and ka Husin qualify to Grand Final. and there I was answering questions about human and natural resources. alhamdulillah running smoothly. and when the announcement I was very nervous. and finally, congratulations to ka Husin as Nanang IAIN Antasari BJM 2012. and ka Putriayu as Galuh IAIN Antasari Bjm 2012. And I got the runner-up. Thanks God, Thanks my parents, thanks friend for ure support

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