Friday, May 4, 2012

Amazing competition (part 1)

been a long time I did not feel like it.
and finally .... tadaaa .. Our The winner. in PORSI ( Pekan Olahraga, Seni, dan Ilmiah ) thats great event.
I participated in two competitions. "Mr and Miss Syari'ah Faculty" and "scientific debate". they are amazing competition. in scientific debate, in our team there are three people who represent our department, Islamic Banking. and there are ME, HELY, and HUSNI, yeah, Husni is my best friend (boy). I was very nervous, because our opponent is an experienced senior. and must have been very extensive knowledge. and we were nervous at the start of the race, but try to calm down. Husni give encouragement to us both. Bismillah. the race begins.and the first theme is "Kinerja Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu Jilid II" and in this round, we value the most, I'm so speechless, with a value of 709. Thanks GOD. and entered the semi-finals, with the theme " RUU Hak Anak Diluar Nikah", and prise GOD, we are the best score again. "749". and Final, our rival is Ecdonomics Islamics. and there is be Saufi, My friend. but we try to be professional. "Ujian Nasional dijadikan Acuan Masuk perguruan tinggi negeri" its the theme, and we are pro team, although incompatible with my idea. we try it, and do the best. and FINALLY, WE are THE WINNER. i'm so speechless. this is amazing. we are so HAPPY ! Thanks God, Thanks My parents, who always support me. Thanks Ka Muta'ali ( leader of HMJ islamic Banking ), Thanks Bang Abdi fo ure support. Thanks fo all my friend. and BIG THANKS fo HUSNI and HELY. ure the best partner. we must to fight to the next round at the institute.

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